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Pomme and her father make pumpkin soup, saving the pumpkin seeds. She carefully plants the seeds, then tends the seedlings when they sprout in spring, fruit in summer and ripen in autumn. But is Pomme the only one looking after her growing pumpkins?

Filled with glowing pastel illustrations, this beautiful book tells the story of how vegetables grow and shares a message of kindness, as Pomme discovers a special new friend has been helping to care for the garden through the seasons.

Pomme and the Pumpkins is a heart-warming new picture book by Admar Kwant, creator of Sam and the Gnome's Red Hat and the beloved Pip the Gnome board book series.

  1. A perfect autumn picture book to encourage a love of growing food
  2. This charmingly simple story shares a message of caring and kindness as Pomme tends to her pumpkin seeds and is helped anonymously by a gnome friend
  3. To honour the story's eco-friendly values, this book is printed responsibly using sustainably-sourced paper and plant-based inks
  4. Admar Kwant is the creator of the Pip the Gnome series and Sam and the Gnome's Red Hat

A child discovers the joy of growing vegetables in her garden, from seeds to harvest, with the help of a new friend. This is a heart-warming seasonal story for young children with warm pastel illustrations by beloved illustrator Admar Kwant.

Floris Books, august '22. or here

Translation: France, september '23, Iona, Pomme et le potiron


'This beautifully illustrated book glows with colour and shares a message of kindness as Pomme discovers a special new friend has been helping care for the garden through the seasons.'

-- Kindling

'A charming, heart-warming read that is sure to keep you feeling all toasty as Autumn tumbles in.'

-- BusyBusyLearning, Instagram

'A beautiful cozy book that will give you all the Autumn feels!'

-- OurBookDays, Instagram

'This is an incredibly sweet story enhanced by the softest, most beautiful artwork created in soft pastel, coloured pencils, pastel pencils and graphite... Not only will children love learning about the lifecycle of pumpkins but they will also like searching for the elusive gnome. A nice story for autumn.'

-- Youth Services Book Review, 5 stars

'Ideal for little readers who might find Halloween a little too scary as there are no spooks to be found here at all. A beautifully illustrated and colorful book that explores nature cycles, gardening, and growing your own produce through a story that can be enjoyed by all ages.'

-- GeekMom

'Gorgeously warming tale depicting the life-cycle of a pumpkin, from sowing the seeds in spring, tending them through summer, harvesting in autumn then saving the seeds all winter ready to start again. The illustrations absolutely glow with autumnal warmth, they are grainy and pastel hued, the effect is wholesome and restful.'

-- HomeReadPlay, Instagram

Pomme and the Pumpkins Pomme and the Pumpkins

Pumpkin Seed Envelope

I have made a free download for a pumpkin seed envelope. I think together with the book Pomme and the Pumpkins it makes a great and meaningful gift for little gardeners. It can also be used to save the pumpkin seeds once you have made soup and collected and dried the seeds, just like Pomme did.
The blank envelope shows how you can glue and fold the seed envelope. Or you can use the blank envelop to decorate your very own pumpkin gnome envelope.
Share the seeds!

pumpkin seed envelope