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Pip the gnome sits with his friends mouse, rabbit and squirrel to watch the sunset.

One by one, Pip's friends go to sleep: the mouse in her bed under a tree root, the rabbit in her burrow underground, the squirrel in his cosy hole high in a tree.

Pip is sleepy too. "Sleep well, Pip."

Perfect for bedtime, the soft, colourful illustrations and simple, rhythmic words of this beautiful board book prepare very young children for a peaceful night's sleep.

  1. Prepare very young children for a peaceful night's sleep with the soft illustrations and simple words of this delightful board book
  2. Perfect for bedtime reading as we say "Sleep well, Pip."

Pip the gnome and his friends are going to sleep in this gentle board book for young children. Perfect for sharing at bedtime.

Floris Books, september ‘17. or here

Translation Dutch, januari ‘18, Christofoor, Kabouter Thijm gaat slapen


'This lovely little board book is perfect for helping young children to settle into a bedtime, or nap time, routine. As each animal goes to bed, the background in the pictures moves through the colours of the sunset, evening and night time, which, coupled with the text and its use of such sleepy words as cosy, nestle, curls up, yawns, asleep, and more, all help to calm children and help them relax into sleep.'

-- Early Years Educator Magazine

Pip the Gnome's Bedtime Pip the Gnome's Bedtime