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Two of Sam's friends live in the forest: a robin with her cheerful song and a shy fawn with his brown eyes. But his very best friend is a gnome who lives where the leaves are thick, and ferns and mosses grow. They often leave gifts for each other -- a beautiful feather, a golden leaf, or an empty snail shell.

One day, after a very windy night, Sam finds a torn piece of red cloth snagged on a thorn. It's from his best friend's cap! So, Sam runs home to sew a very special gift for his best friend.

In this charming story of friendship and giving, the forest and its creatures are brought to life in soft, colourful, handcrafted illustrations. From the creator of the Pip the Gnome series.

  1. Soft pastel illustrations, luminous with colour, bring Sam and the woodland creatures to life
  2. A sweet tale about a special bond between a young boy and a friendly gnome
  3. From Admar Kwant, the creator of the Pip the Gnome series

Sam and his best friend the gnome often leave gifts for each other in the forest. One day, Sam decides to make a special gift for his friend. A charming story of friendship for young children, with warm illustrations.

Floris Books, march '21. or here

Translation: Dutch, januari ‘21, Christofoor, Sam en de rode kaboutermuts

Slovakia, september '23, Slovak, Janíčko a škriatok Pipko


'Admar Kwant's illustrations are soft and warm and full of vibrant colours. This is a positive and reassuring tale about appreciating your friends, understanding their needs and giving thoughtful gifts. The story subtly makes the wonderful point that gifts don't have to cost money, and that gifts from nature and home-made gifts are the most special and appreciated of all!'

-- Kaleidoscope Magazine

Sam and the Gnome's Red Hat Sam and the Gnome's Red Hat